Health/Hunger Bar Lower Change?

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Happiness/Hunger Bars: -10/day or -20/week?

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Health/Hunger Bar Lower Change? Empty Health/Hunger Bar Lower Change?

So, as summer classes busy up again, I realize it would be impossible to manage Soaren if I keep on going at this rate. Thus, I came up with a solution.

Instead of lowering by 10/day (or 5 if you have a house), why not lower it by 20/week or something?

Besides, I know that you guys are likely to be equally busy or at least somewhat occupied yourself so I think you'd like the break. Kitty

Or, another option would be to lower it by 70/week, which would keep our original ratio, but that would not be favorable because at the end of every week your hunger/happiness would simply plummet for everyone and would result in a lot of hospitalizations, so I highly discourage that choice.

The reason I chose 20/week is because I like to keep the arithmetic at an easy level (yeah yeah, I'm lazy, I know) but I don't want everyone to be bored, waiting to be hungry enough to eat something so they won't waste food. You know what I mean?

So what do you think? Please vote! Kitty

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