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Soaren World Update Empty Soaren World Update

I bet you've been wondering, "What's the point of traveling some place when you already know what it's like?" Points other than visiting friends and such, of course.

The solution to kindle your curiosity: Hide'em!

(if you haven't realized I'm talking about the Soaren World, not the real world, do remember that from now on)

You've been hidden from everything except for the place you're currently at. That said, the "Location" under your Character Sheet has been changed to "Citizenship" to indicate where you usually live. Instead, replacing that is your usergroup, which has been named accordingly to your location. If you do not have an SAE, you are in neither of these usergroups and thus cannot see anything.

Because of this, I'm hoping that certain "specialty" items exclusive to certain places will naturally rise in value and each place will develop their own lil' culture, with some nudging from my original description of the place, of course. :)

Travel rates are the same for now but I'm considering raising the prices as I did with all the other items to make them reasonable. Also, it's fairly easy to make S$ with all those forum games and roleplays around, so it would make it too easy to travel and thus destroy the point of all this "hiding".

Speaking of points, one of the other reasons for this is to encourage you to post more. You earn more points for roleplaying in the Soaren World than anywhere else so if you want to experience a certain place, this is supposed to motivate you to be more active and earn the S$ to buy a ticket there. ;)

Also, as a reminder, buy a house! Houses will prevent you from getting hungry or depressed too fast. You lose 10 hunger points and 10 happiness points everyday while homeless. But, if you buy a house or an apartment, you'll only lose 5 hunger points and 5 happiness points per day. That really adds up if you think about it!

By the way, I'm changing the houses (as in, making new ones) and the Soaren Landscaping&Depo will be on hiatus until we've got everything running.

In addition, phones are no longer free with houses. I'm making it so that you have to purchase a phone for yourself separately. Your number will be random, but you get to choose it for an extra fee.
There will only be three differences between a mobile phone and a house phone:
MOBILE: more expensive, don't need a house, call anywhere.
HOUSE: less expensive, need a house, call from home only.
But, seeing as I don't have them up yet and we only have 3 characters all in different places, you can call without a number all you want until further notice! Happy
Remember: using a phone costs you S$!

Please participate in the Soaren World! Not only will it make me very happy, but it'll make all those other Soareners who've already jumped in delighted, too, for they'll be getting potential buddies to RP with. Smile Besides, it's supposedly the main attraction of Soaren, so why not give it a try? The worst that can happen get hospitalised for ignoring your happiness/hunger bars? Guilty

Anywho, if you read all of this, thanks for being awesome. >xD This is quite a lot in one news post. Your thoughts on plans like these are always appreciated. Keep on soaring. Smile

Your admin,



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Soaren World Update :: Comments


Post on Wed Jun 29, 2011 6:03 pm by FiSHY

Whoops... Well, apparently I didn't replace Location. I just added an extra Citizenship thing. xD

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Post on Wed Jun 29, 2011 7:52 pm by Rabbit

Also, just to know...
Just because I'm going to get hospitalized every week, you should still work hard because I don't slack off all the time C:

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Post on Thu Jun 30, 2011 2:24 pm by FiSHY

Haha, very funny, Rabbit. xD Well, I'm glad that you at least read the whole thing.
Don't worry. I'll keep at improving it. :)

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