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Busy with School? Empty Busy with School?

It's the beginning of December!

No Pebble Counts, and I might completely change how we make sure people are still active because...our users aren't really active anymore anyways.
I know that most people on Soaren aren't exactly adults or able to choose to be off from school/classes whenever they don't feel like it. I really can't do that, but usually, I have little homework and even if I do have homework, I'm so--ahem--erudite that I can complete it quickly and check Soaren. Sometimes I post a couple times, and reply to topics with a new post that I'm active in. But yes, I did say "a new post," since usually there are only a few, maybe none.

After all that confusing stuff...well, I understand that our users can't be as active and probably won't for a very, very long time. Maybe never. Since there's school, of course there's miniscule activity, but then there's Winter Break. Unfortunately, people tend to hibernate, play in the snow, go to friends' houses, work on some schoolwork, and/or go on vacation during those times. I don't see Soaren at all on there, except maybe a little bit in the hibernation or at friends' houses. Then we're back at school until Spring Break. There's a lot of vacationing and studying/schoolwork during this time. Vacationing cause of better weather and studying schoolwork especially for the ages of our users. Finally, more school and then Summer Break. However, summer break means summer classes, seeing friends, lots of vacationing, relaxing, and summer camps. Depending on your own home, you could have a ranging amount of all five of these, but I've noticed that through the years the amount of vacationing and summer camps has risen so people aren't available to be online.

I pretty much summed up the whole next year, other than the first months of school in Fall and Winter 2012. Not much Soaren, it's just sprinkled around and passed to different seasons.
Just wanted to tell you guys so you know, and could possibly fit Soaren in to one of those spots? It's smarter to plan ahead, and we'd love to be active again just like Summer of 2010! Kitty



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Post on Tue Dec 20, 2011 6:59 pm by FiSHY

I'm so sorry >< I'm a terrible admin. I've been juggling a lot of activities for a while now and I don't think I can really commit myself to Soaren anytime soon, if at all. D: I'm really, sincerely sorry.

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