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Post by Rabbit on Sat Jul 17, 2010 3:46 pm

Welcome to Soaren. It's okay, you can come closer. I don't bite. c:

My name is Rabbit, the head administrator and creator of Soaren. We are a friendly forum site with people that are kind and probably have some similarities with you. We have an array of different forums from this small Welcomes forum to the complicated Soaren forums. But before you enter this exciting, creative forum, take a few minutes to read these rules. They are broken down for simplicity and it may just take one minute, at a minimum.

1. Do not harass or discriminate someone.
2. Do not pretend to own items, money, or be a "special" person, such as an admin, celebrity, or any other staff member.
3. Do not sell things on the forums for real money.
4. There is no age needed to join Soaren, but we do expect all people to act at least a mature age in most parts of the site.
5. Do not create multiple accounts unless you were chosen to make another as a beta tester.
6. Do not promote other competing forumsites or distribute illegal content.

FiSHY the Co-Admin says: Please follow them! They are made for a reason. ;3

Don't be scared to ask me or anyone else for help with links, BBCode, or anything about the site you're confused with.




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