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Pet Overlay and Profile Contest Empty Pet Overlay and Profile Contest

Post by Avria on Sat Dec 10, 2011 4:41 pm

For Subeta.

I'm pretty much an amateur at this, so you'll probably have to tell me how to put the profie and overlay on and stuff like that. xD So yes, I am seeking profiles and overlays for all my pets EXCEPT Nice Fox and Emeraldeye. Emeraldeye may recieve one later when it's a color I want it to be. Nice Fox just needs a profile. You tell me your price. Prefer to trade items instead of sP unless you give me an amazing offer.

Also, all of the pets minions' should be in a position next to the pet.

Also, all the profiles need to have spaces for treasure, story, and stuff like that somewhere.

And all the profiles' opacities should be raised until you can see the writing clearly. Except for First Frost's.

For Hydregion:

Hydrus Wings. Not spread out, more like on the sides.

For the profile, it needs to have something like tendrils of what you see on on the Hydrus Serpenth (where they're at the bottom) curling up the sides. Needs to have Hydregion written big at the top.

For First Frost:

Glacier-like Wings. More spread out, but still kind of at the sides.

For the profile, it should be all snowflake-icicle like. The snowflakes should be in a position that it looks like they are falling and it needs to have First Frost at the top with icicles hanging down on a bar.

For Nightswift:

Not wings this time, xD. I want it's minion, a Darkwing to be in front of it on th lower left hand side where there's room. Make it larger if you need to.

For the profile, it should be lavender, kind of the same color as the Dark Matter kora's eyes. Again, needs to have Nightswift written big at the top and her name reflected down on the sides.


Cloud background, if you can.

For the profile, needs to have On Cloud Nine written somewhere and the name Purefeathers at the top.

Spectruem Feather:

Have the rainbow trail animated, fading in and out.

For the profile, again, have Spectruem Feather written at the top. Have pillars of white down the sides.


Nothing for the overlay except the minion.

For the profile, have it set in a starry background with the opacity a bit high so we can see the writing. You guessed it...SweetNitemare written big at the top, this time with white iron-like tendrils down the dies with stars and maybe planets around them.


Just a background of a serene glade.

For the profile, set the background of a serene glade but raise the opacity a bit again. No pet name written big at the top this time, but I do need white stone pillars up the sides with ivy tendrils around them and stuff like butterflies on it.

Nice Fox:

Have stuff like pacifers and rattles and toys as the profile. A giant rattle down the sides, but no giant Pet Name at the top.


Nothing except for the minion.

Have a giant pet name this time though...X3 And the profile should be similar's to SweetNiteMare's.

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Pet Overlay and Profile Contest Empty Re: Pet Overlay and Profile Contest

Post by Rabbit on Sat Dec 10, 2011 9:46 pm

It would be better if you posted this on Subeta, since actual profile/overlay makers are there.
I mean, none of us here know THAT much about it. I'm not trying to disappoint you, it's just that Soaren is more of a social website, not a pet website or advertising site. ._.

Of course, we could draw ART or make STORIES for the pets, maybe even donate stuff or come up with ideas...
It's cause I know what everyone is good at here, and honestly it isn't HTML or overlays.
I can somewhat do overlays (mostly simple recolors), and possibly redraws though. But my tablet is broken so I couldn't make anything for you. Here's an example though.



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