Writing Commissions!

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Writing Commissions!

Post by Avria on Thu Jul 07, 2011 4:43 pm

Since I'm pretty good at writing, my good friend Rabbit suggested I do writing commissions. It's where you write a story and something and someone pays you for it. Just a thing or two...

If you are my FRIEND and I have met you in person, this is free, since I like my friends. Happy Kitty These include Sasoragon and Rabbit. happygothshayna, you can get half price off. I do know you and you are sort of a friend, but I didn't exactly spend much time with you. If I know you and forgotten to mention you, please leave me a message.


I can do ABOUT almost any, except some anime like ones I don't know. Yet. My better ones are fantasy/fiction. I also can do romance, realistic fiction, mystery and others. Use this to PM me if you want a story, copy and paste. And about word count...my stories generally exceed word count. Hope you don't mind. I make the story as long as the needs to be for me to end it.

[b]Plot (Unless you want me to come up with one):[/b]
[b]Word Count:[/b]
[b]Deadline(I can usually get the story to you at the deadline unless you give me like five minutes or something to do it. Don't be ridiculous.):[/b]


My stories are generally cheap, unless you're a friend, which the story is ABSOLUTELY free. Also, you don't have to use $ to pay me. I have a subeta account and neopets account as well. I'd prefer to get paid in sP, but it's your choice. Pure ONLY. As I said before, my stories exceed word count usually so we'll use this instead. Also, my computer has a character count, not a word count. Characters are letters, and they are done in appr. amount.

Under 5,000 characters: $150, 150,000 sP, 10,000 neopoints
10,000 - 20,000 characters: $300, 300,000 sP, 20,000 neopoints
Above 20,000 characters: $500, 500,000 sP, 50,000 neopoints


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