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Post by Rabbit on Fri Jun 17, 2011 4:11 pm

Everything and anything is scribbleable. Yes, I just made a word up. Scribbleable. Draw in the walls, the slides, the swings, the floor. Markers...pencils...crayons...paintbrushes... there's a pool of them in a corner! On the opposite side, a giant puddle of paint! On a different edge, a huge palette for mixing colors that is washed clean every day! The walls are practically huge canvases! Climb up the ladder (which is also scribbleable) and create a masterpiece on the ceiling! Turn the lights red with paint! Drip paint like Pollock! Draw like Picasso! Doodle to your upmost pleasure here in the Scribble Room!

P.S. in case you're worried, for every entrance/exit there's an ultra-cleaning shower that washes all the paint/stains/marks/etc off your apparel and items.

Feel free to roam this place and interact with others and toys!



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