Username and SAE Name Changes

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Username and SAE Name Changes Empty Username and SAE Name Changes

Post by Rabbit on Mon Dec 27, 2010 1:24 pm

A dark ghost-like man walks up to you and growls, "Do you need a username or Soaren Alter Ego name change?" You either quietly nod, or run away--this man looks scary.
He makes you follow him into a dark cave, and beneath all the darkness, you spy a small yellow light--wait, no, it's pink--no, blue. The color changes, and you look hypnotized. The man snaps at you, "Which one?" You either reply 'username,' or 'Soaren Alter Ego.' The payment for both is different, and he says in a deep voice, if you want to change your username, I need a payment of 1900 S$, if you want to change your Soaren Alter Ego's name, I need a payment of 1200 S$. Times are tough and I need money to survive.
If you keep going on from there, pay the man and he will beckon you forth toward the light.
'Speak into the light what your wanted username or Soaren Alter Ego name is, and it will listen. As soon as the light stays a blood-red color, it asks if this is your final answer. You may not change without another payment if you already have said that it was your final answer.' The light listens, turns red, and you speak your final command. Although you may think it is quick, the light has much to do--other users, regaining power, so it is not immediate, but you will find your name by light's dawn...

Tell the ghost-like man....
1. Username, or Soaren Alter Ego?
2. Type your first wanted name...and if it is final, write FINAL. If not, keep brainstorming. The light is patient, so is the man.
3. Do not whine or be angry if the name does not appear when expected. It takes time--and admin free time. (Happy Kitty)



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